Cordsbag is excited to announce a new project we have been putting absolutely everything into. 
Introducing 'Bags with benefits', where we team up with local artists and their charity of choice. Our artist designs an original print that is unique and true to their personal style. We then print their design on a 100% Natural Cotton Calico right here in Australia, which we then use for the lining of a cordsbag collection. We work together to choose a corduroy option that compliments the artwork, and finally all cordsbag's are made up right here in HQ. 
The range will be extremely limited, and one of a kind!
Last but not least, 100% of the profits go towards a charity close to our artist's heart! 
From beginning to end, each cordsbag will be made with love, passion and intent.
A new 'Bags with Benefits' collection will be released every few months, stay tuned for what's to come.