Cordsbag is a small business based in the bayside suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

 Our journey began simply, a handmade corduroy tote bag to get you through the day - hence the name Cords bag. From there, we have branched out into a range of other corduroy accessories.

From the beginning, it has been a conscious effort to produce high quality corduroy goods that will last the test of time both physically and on the eyes.

Why Corduroy?

There isn’t a fabric that screams 70’s like corduroy. The timeless fabric is durable, form-fitting, supremely comfortable and pretty groovy looking.

 As much as we love our cords, minimising our impact on the planet and giving back to our community is at the forefront of every decision we make. Cordsbag is NOT FAST FASHION, as we pride ourselves on quality not quantity, and produce our products slowly in small amounts. All of our products are made in a small factory in Guangdong, the coastal province in South China, with the help of Jenny, Echo and a wonderful team!

We are a plastic free small business, so you can rest easy knowing your order will be shipped in a custom drawstring bag, and a compostable satchel! Read up on what you can do with our packaging here