When your order arrives at the door, you'll notice it packaged in a draw string bag which has been shipped in a sleek black compostable satchel. 
We have spent way too long perfecting the packaging to make sure your order arrives in tact, looking like a Christmas present and the least harmful on the environment! 
Although the stamped draw string bag looks great, what can you do with it?
- Store your socks and undies on camping trips 
- Use it to package gifts for a friend 
- Use it to safe keep your knick knacks. 
How to Compost the Satchel?
Cut it up into small pieces and chuck it straight into your compost bin at home! They will take 90 days to completely break down.
If you don't have a compost bin, you can check with your local council to see if they allow  the disposal of compostable packaging in green bins. 
The compostable satchels are made from plant based materials, so you can rest easy knowing you aren't receiving any plastic from us! 
For more information on composting, read here to learn from our favourite compostable satchel boys at Heaps Good.